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The Welagen Overdrive Special is simply the ultimate small dynamic lead amp with excellent projection and tonal balance. It has both Clean and Overdrive channels. The EQ controls and switches give you a variety of tones. A tube buffered effects loop allows for seamless integration of outboard effects.

If you are looking for a small and flexible lead amplifier, then this is it! The Welagen Overdrive Special amplifier comes in 3 different sounding versions: 70s, 80s and HRM, and is available in Head or Combo version.


Pre-Amp Boost (PAB) can be accessed through a footswitch. This feature compliments the Overdrive Channel but can also be used without the Overdrive engaged. Both Channel switching and PAB switching are also accessible via a foot switch.


The JWater effects loop is an all tube series interface to allow the use of effects between the preamp and the poweramp. It features Send level and Return Level to shape the response and gain. A true bypass switch provides maximum transparency when switched off.

The JWater acts as a buffer between the high signal level of the tube based preamp and the poweramp of the Welagen Overdrive Special, and the low signal environment of the solid state effect processors. In other words, the JWater shrinks down the high amplitude signal from the Overdrive Special preamp for the effects processor and then amplifies it back up to ‘tube world’ levels for the Overdrive Special power amp.

Here is what many people don’t know about this tube buffer; even when no outboard effects are used, the JWater can be used as a compressor to scale down a 100W head to lower volume levels while retaining the saturation and feel of a loud amp. This is very useful for small gigs and home use because it allows for scaling all the way down to whisper levels.

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Be able to create clean and medium overdrive tones like the ones you hear in music from Lowell George and David Lindley. This amplifier’s voice is rooted in the Fender blackface and tweed tone, with an upfront and raw voice.

If you want to go old school style, the Welagen 70s Overdrive Special is your amp.


“The clean tone is amazing and the way it responds dynamically is incredible. The overdrive is very organic.”


Create tones like you hear in music from Robben Ford, 80s Larry Carlton, and Santana with the 80s Overdrive Special. This amplifier will provide you with tones ranging from Cleans with percussive crystal clear tones to a wonderful touch sensitive Overdrive and compression.

The Welagen 80s Overdrive Special is the amplifier that many lead guitarists are looking for.


“The cleans are so tight and percussive. SRV territory! Who needs reverb! I don’t even notice its not there. Excellent work!”


Looking for a modern voiced Overdrive amplifier with superior articulation and ultra-quick response for playing fast leads? The Welagen HRM Overdrive Special is your thing. With harmonically rich cleans, and a mid scooped Overdrive processor – that has internal controls for Treble, Middle and Bass content – this latest version of the Overdrive Special will allow you to personally fine tune the Overdrive channel in a ‘set and forget’ fashion.

Looking for that kind of amp, let me help you get one.